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Should I use flash on my web site?

Yes, but use flash appropriately. Consider the following issues:

  • Flash content is not properly indexed by search engines:
    Although search engines are increasingly able to index content inside a Flash animation, important content should not be included within a flash animation. A search engine will never properly index this content. Many search engines simply ignore it.
  • You can't be sure that all your visitors will see your flash content:
    Depending on the operating system, web browser and configuration of each visitor. You need to provide alternative content for when the flash does not load.
  • Complex flash animations introduce usability problems:
    For example, many visitors will use their web browser back button when viewing a flash animation to try and go 'back' but this reloads the entire animation! There are many usability problems like this. A designer needs to keep these in mind when building a flash interface.

Use flash, but use it sparingly and appropriately. If you want to add a little more excitement to your site, or provide a nifty gadget or tool for visitors to use, then flash is a good idea. But don't develop your whole site in Flash and don't include important content as part of a Flash animation.

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