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Do you work with osCommerce?

We do develop and support osCommerce based solutions at our clients request. Note however that in most situations we recommend an Avoir-Powered online store instead of osCommerce.

osCommerce is a leading open source online shop solution. osCommerce allows a shop owner to get an online shop up and running with low financial investment. From a purely financial perspective, osCommerce is a great system.

However osCommerce is quite limited compared to an Avoir-powered alternative, and as such osCommerce should be considered to be an 'entry level' online shop.

  • Customisations to an osCommerce shop often require a significant investment; even modifications that one would consider to be 'minor'.
  • Most changes to an osCommerce system still require a skilled web developer.
  • OsCommerce sites often look similar to one another, with few exceptions.
  • The back-end of osCommerce although feature rich is clunky and is time consuming to work with.
  • osCommerce shops are isolated from your business and often result in double entry of information.

Looking at running an osCommerce online shop?
For a demonstration of the system and alternatives, please contact us.

Need to integrate your osCommerce shop with your accounting software?
Integration is critical - read this faq about myob and accounting system integration.

Need a face lift to your existing osCommerce shop?
Contact us to discuss how we can design and implement your new look.

Unhappy with your existing osCommerce shop?
Our Avoir powered alternative is a 'best of breed' alternative - contact us for more information.

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