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How to increase traffic to my web site?

First, let's define how visitors can arrive at your web site:

  1. Entering your web site URL directly into their web browser
    This is is a result of your off-line marketing. For example, a customer sees your advertising or web site URL written on a business card and types that into their web browser. They do this when they want to find some information about you.
  2. Clicking on a link from another web site that links to your web site
    Other web sites that link to yours, such as online directories (yellow pages), online discussion forums, or any web site where there is a link to your web site.
  3. Clicking a link from an internet search engine
    A visitor has searched for something on a search engine (such as google) and has found your web site. You may have come up on the first or second page of search results, or you may place pay-per-click advertisements on the search engine.

From the above points, we can say that traffic can be increased by:

  1. Promoting your web site as much as possible off-line.
  2. Having other web sites include links to your web site.
  3. Increasing the chance of your web site being ranked highly in search engines. 

Points 2 and 3 form part of a search engine marketing (SEM) strategy. The two are linked in ways that are not obvious. Increasing the chance of a web site being ranked highly in search engine results is critical to the success of most web sites. As important, ensuring that the people who find you in search engines, find you for the right reasons.

Web Engineers have a number of search engine optimisation packages that work toward long term sustainable quality search engine traffic.

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